After School Programs

After School Programs are open everyday to all children in the red light district. They come to learn about Jesus, for help with homework, have snacks and to simply have fun, play and be safe.


Awareness and Prevention Programs

Awareness and Prevention programs provide education about sexual slavery and trafficking, HIV/AIDS, and the value of girls in schools, churches and communities.

Last year, Project Rescue ministered to over 40,000 women and children.



Night Care Shelters

Evening Care Centers are adjacent to the red-light district and are open during peak brothel business hours. These centers provide a way to get vulnerable children out of their mothers’ rooms while they service customers. Like a traditional day-care center, the Project Rescue Evening Care Centers offer nourishing food, help with studies, and a safe, caring environment where children can sleep and restore. The children also learn Bible stories that demonstrate God’s power to change lives.


HIV/Aids and Medical Clinics

It has been estimated that 60% of female prostituted women in Bombay’s red-light district are infected with STDs and AIDS. In response to this, we have established medical clinics that are open and free to any woman in the red light district needing medical care, treatment and counseling.


Red Light District Churches and Sunday Schools

The first simple step towards restoration for sexual slavery victims is our red light district church and sunday schools. Week after week, women and children join together to hear about the life changing power of Jesus Christ. Here, women still in sexual bondage discover prayer, and are given the hope and faith to take the first step in their journey toward personal freedom.


Detention Center Outreach

When women and children are trafficked into other countries they are without proper legal documentation. If found by authorities, victims are sent to a detention center to await deportation. Project Rescue leaders and staff minister to victims in the detention center and help give essential care. When possible, Project Rescue personnel negotiate a victim’s release into a Project Rescue aftercare home to provide spiritual, physical, and emotional care for transformation and new life.

At any given time, there are approximately 500 women and children in full-time aftercare homes receiving life-changing care.



Aftercare / Safe Homes

Aftercare homes are places of safety where rescued women and children from the red light districts live. They provide a holistic environment in which the victims’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met.


Vocational Training

Vocational Training provides alternate income generation opportunities to women in the red light districts as well as serving as places for discipleship and spiritual development. Women and girls who attend the Training Centers have the opportunity to learn skills such as clothing design, jewelry making, cosmetology and tailoring. A number of women who have trained through these centers have opened their own businesses and in turn, offer jobs to their friends who are still in slavery.


There are many ways to get involved in the fight against sexual slavery and help Project Rescue bring healing to the lives of those we serve.

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