What is Rescue Day?

Rescue Day is Project Rescue’s annual campaign empowering individuals, churches, businesses and other organizations to change the lives of women and children throughout the world who are victims of sexual slavery.  

By joining hands with Project Rescue through RESCUE DAY you will partner with us to provide physical, emotional and spiritual freedom for women and children who are victims of sex trafficking and other forms of sexual exploitation.  

Our goal through RESCUE DAY is to change the destiny of precious lives. With your help we will continue to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves!

Join us in the Fight for Freedom!

We are asking friends to designate ONE DAY to join hands with Project Rescue and fight for the spiritual and physical freedom of women and children who are sexually exploited.

On average, it costs only $3 per day to rescue and provide life-changing care for one woman or child.

Imagine the difference we can make together! Set aside one day this year to directly impact the lives of women and children. We will even provide you the tools to make your RESCUE DAY a success!

The Rescue Day Tool Kit 

The materials in this tool kit include powerful photos and videos depicting the transformational journey of women and children restored through the Project Rescue program.  

Yes! We will host a RESCUE DAY to help free women and children from sexual slavery and exploitation.

Included in the RESCUE DAY tool kit… 

  • Hand Made Item from a Survivor
  • T-Shirt(s) with Project Rescue Logo

USB Jump Drive including:

  • Instructions Page
  • Feature Video Trailer
  • Media Elements for Presenations

2 Free Books written by David & Beth Grant:

  • Beyond the Soiled Curtain
  • Beyond the Shame

Prayer Cards for the Project Rescue Leadership Team

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Mail Me the RESCUE DAY Toolkit for Free!

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There are many ways to get involved in the fight against sexual slavery
and help Project Rescue bring healing to the lives of those we serve.

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