Hope Comes Full Circle

Fourteen years ago, two young girls, Navya and Shamita, were rescued from slavery and brought to a Project Rescue home in India. Through the program, they found healing and restoration through Jesus Christ. They earned their degrees in counseling and caregiving and have reintegrated into society. Recently, they were asked by the Indian government to assist in a rescue operation.

Navya and Shamita were nervous about the memories that would resurface as a result of this operation, but they agreed to help. They wanted others to experience the same freedom they did.

They joined the police in raiding a motel where they suspected trafficking. They walked in confidently, even with their hearts racing and heads full of doubt. Their role was to convince the scared young women and children to come with the police, and to provide comfort and compassion in a very uncertain and traumatic time.

“I had to set aside my own memories. I had to be brave for the sake of these young girls. One of the police officers even told me ‘I was so scared. Looking at you, I got courage.’”
– Shamita

Just before the operation finished and the group was ready to leave, Shamita insisted that they search under all of the beds. That is where she would hide before she was rescued. Because of her insistence, they found one last young girl hiding under a bed!

Navya and Shamita faced their past and willingly placed themselves at risk to ensure that 30 young women – just like them – had the chance to experience freedom from slavery. When the rescue operation was complete, Navya and Shamita’s first question was, “So when is the next rescue scheduled?”

“I am so grateful to the Lord for rescuing my life 14 years ago and the restoring work of God through Project Rescue. Now I’ve helped 30 young girls come out into a life of freedom.”
– Navya

Every single woman and child rescued is worth the hard work and spiritual battle. This is the multiplying impact of Project Rescue, through the rescue and restoration of 2 young girls, 30 more are able to experience freedom!

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